Io T Hub and provide connectivity details to the device requesting a bootstrap.For authorized devices, the bootstrap service should register the device with an assigned Azure Io T Hub and provide connectivity details to the device requesting a bootstrap.

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Azure Io T Suite and Azure Io T Hub provide the foundational capabilities to enable device management for Io T solutions, at scale, and for a diverse set of devices and device topologies.

Reference to device management in this article is specifically related to Io T device management.

When devices operate using a defined model, the device registry serves as an eventually consistent view of device data where the device serves the master.

In this case, the service informs the device of desired changes and are valid only after the device confirms the change.

If the device you are building is a field gateway, it can represent the devices that are connected through it (the field gateway) in all interactions with Azure Io T Hub.

As the manufacturer of the field gateway it’s your responsibility to implement the translation between device protocols and protocols supported by the Io T service.

If you wish to enable your field gateway to connect BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, then you need to implement the BLE interface to devices and the interface to Azure Io T Hub.

The Azure Io T Suite preconfigured solution controls access to different aspects of the device, including read write access rights for device properties and execute rights for device commands.

Azure Io T Hub will only communicate with registered devices that present authorized credential.