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Years ago when the hubby and I first started dating (OMG that was 21 years ago), we would dine at Chi-Chi’s quite often.

One of my favorite items to order for dessert was their super tasty fried ice cream. Ice cream wrapped in a crispy cinnamon flavored coating was just so unheard of back in those days.

The name Mystery was also used by von Markovik as an internet username.

He is the author of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed.

Homa Darabi Foundation (Archive)-A nonprofit women's right organization.

Fair Family Law-aiming to change the discriminatory laws against women in Iran.

The character Mystery was created by Erik von Markovic in the late 1990s for his performances as a mentalist, titled Natural Magic.

It has done magic performances in many places, including Toronto, Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Mystery describes himself as a "late bloomer" and acknowledges that he spent his early life playing Dungeons & Dragons and he had little or no success with women.