I met their parents when the relationship was still quite new or casual however an invitation to meet my parents was not extended. ” It wasn’t that I didn’t see a future, it was simply that semi-serious relationships had failed in the past.

But, even in casual dating relationships that are supposed to be casual, sometimes, something unexpected happens — you get close enough that you eventually quit playing it cool. Here are four signs that you’ve officially reached the comfortable stage in your “casual” dating relationship and have fallen for your fling… SHOWING UP UN-SHAVED When girls start hooking up with a guy, you better believe that they are on their A-game.

This means, they essentially shave from their eyebrows down, and we dare you to even try to find a single hair. Girls take their grooming very seriously, so when they start to slack, know that sh*t just got real. In the beginning of any type of relationship, a crazy girl will come off as super chill, until BOOM, one day all hell breaks loose. ORDERING THE FOOD YOU REALLY WANT The hardest part about hanging out with a new hookup is pretending you’re not a food hoarder.

All of a sudden, your casual relationship has turned into a drama show. Here are the best ways to prevent jealousy from ruining your casual dating fun. But when you find yourself pulling the curious card, it’s worth asking why you even care in the first place. Are you looking for reassurance that you’re the best looking one in the equation?

Whatever the reason, when initial feelings of jealousy pop up take a step back.

One moment you’re casually dating someone and couldn’t care less if they are hanging out with other people; and then suddenly you start to wonder where they are and what they’re doing when they aren’t with you.

You want to know who else they are sleeping with and see how well you compare to the competition. First, you tell yourself that you’re just “curious” about who else the other person is seeing.

Either way, communicating with your partner is key. Will they love your significant other too much upon meeting them?

Transparency about what it means to meet or not meet your parents is vital to avoid unnecessary negative assumptions. I learned early on that my mother had the potential to “marry my partners”.

You see, crossing the line from casual dating to comfortable relationship doesn’t sound all that bad — so, don’t freak out if you catch the #feels, instead, just be happy that you finally get to be yourself.

When a relationship is going well, at some point you may decide to introduce your significant other to your parents. Are there things you can do to make sure the meeting goes well? There really is no steadfast answer as to when to have your significant other “meet the parents”.

There are however, a few things to consider: Don’t introduce someone you are casually dating to your parents.