There appears to have been an incident involving capacity issues within our delivery infrastructure.

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Would Domain Keys actually help since the servers are rejecting upon connect?

(since the domain key looked up is based on selector in the message header, which doesn´t even get sent).

I too noticed that a few recently asked questions cached in google are now deleted on yahoo´s system. Mark, Domain Keys seemed to increase the "chances" of going through.

After installing Domain Keys we got a lot of messages (compared to none before) to go through, but then all of a sudden they started being sporadically blocked again.

These deprioritizations were temporary but may be re-triggered if the sending IP profile continues to be poor.

Typically, deprioritizations are triggered by bad individual sender or MAIL FROM profiles.

I originally thought Yahoo was having DNS issues or disappearing server problems again.

Yesterday and today none of my users email is getting through to Yahoo.

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You may retry sending at a later time when you see this message.