The 660-foot-long sky bridge allows direct transportation of patients, physicians and students, thus bonding functionally as well as symbolically the two major teaching hospitals.Responsibility for graduate medical education transfers from the University Hospital to the Office of the Dean, thus providing continuity and integration of responsibility for medical education throughout professional careers.

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1913 Willamette University and the University of Oregon merge their medical education programs to form the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland. 1923 Multnomah County Hospital opens on the Marquam Hill campus and contracts with the medical school to provide services to indigent patients. 1954 The Child Development and Rehabilitation Center facility is built on Marquam Hill.

1917 The present 116-acre Marquam Hill campus gets its start with a 20-acre tract donated by the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company, and an 88-acre tract donated by the C. Jackson family, former publisher of the daily Oregon Journal. 1926 Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children is built on the Marquam Hill campus and becomes the first full-service children's hospital in the Pacific Northwest. 1932 The curricula from the Portland School of Social Work and the University of Oregon's nursing program are transferred to the University of Oregon Medical School to form the Department of Nursing Education in the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland. 1956 The Medical School Hospital is built on Marquam Hill.

The School of Medicine Alumni Association was established in the home of Ivan M. Attendance consisted of the officers: President Woolley '19; Vice-Presidents Claude A. 1972 The long-standing and popular rotating internship was phased out to comply with national policies for graduate medical education.

1973 University Hospital is created through the merger of the former Multnomah County Hospital, Medical School Hospital and the outpatient clinics.

The OHSU School of Medicine has roots dating back to the late 19th century and is one of the oldest western medical schools.

In 2012, the OHSU School of Medicine celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding.

The institute leads the Pacific Northwest in developing image-guided procedures and performs more than 3,000 interventional treatments annually.

1991 The Area Health Education Centers program is established to promote better access to adequate health care throughout Oregon and to facilitate medical student primary care clerkships.

1974 University of Oregon Health Sciences Center is formed as an independent institution under the direction of the Oregon State System of Higher Education.

The Schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing are brought together under a president to create this new center.

1977 The University of Oregon Health Sciences Foundation emerges as a repository for philanthropic gifts and grants to OHSU schools, later to be directed by a largely lay board.