As a gamer, you will want to know whether or not your investment in the console is going to pan out in terms of support from third-parties, and it's hard to say at this point.supported, the Xbox One X achieves things previously only possible with higher-end gaming laptops and custom-built desktop PCs, such as native 4K visuals, occasionally with 60 FPS frame rates.You will see improvements to textures, foliage density, and draw distances, when developers focus their efforts on physical upgrades, rather than flat resolution bumps.

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Read up on our Xbox One X info page to help cement it all in place, or if you're ready to push the button, see where you can pre-order an Xbox One X right now.

With Xbox One X, Microsoft hopes you'll be willing to dive into the 4K revolution with its super-powered 6TF console. If you're looking to buy an Xbox One X, you can't just consider the 4K box itself.

They're going to have an enriched mode, with more advanced textures and more lush environments. If you look at Gears of War, they're going to be upgrading their game using the 4K assets from the PC and they're gonna be in native 4K.

You can look at a game like Forza 7 which is really pushing the envelope of technology with native 4K, 60 frames per second, and high-resolution textures.

The speedier HDD will also help with load times, so you will get a better experience from the X, even when a game hasn't been patched.

Playing an unpatched Assassin's Creed Origins was noticeably better on the X, with more consistent frame rates.

"And really the game developer is the best person to decide how to use all that power.

So different games are gonna take advantage of the [Xbox One X] performance in different ways."For instance, Rise of the Tomb Raider is doing several different modes.

Beyond that, the Xbox One X will enlist supersampling techniques to render more beautiful images on enhanced games, even on 1080p displays, and developers are taking advantage of the ability to include different graphics settings to boost things like frame rate and general quality over resolution, acknowledging that not At least for the games we have available now, the difference between a supersampled 4K image on a 1080p display is quite hard to discern, frankly.

There are simply not enough pixels to showcase the full beauty of a 4K image on a 1080p display.

And if you have an Xbox One S, you can also filter by Xbox One X Enhanced [as of an update scheduled for this fall], so you can see games that you already own today, that if you ever decide to upgrade, will be available right away." "One of the features that we have on the Xbox One X is called supersampling, and it scales down all of the 4K data and image quality to a 1080p screen.