But think about how the Domino Effect can have an impact – for better and for worse – all around you.The idea of a random act of kindness being carried forth is a very positive one.Doing something nice for someone, treating them with respect, looking outside of your own bad feelings and making a decision not to act on them can have a powerful positive Domino Effect as it ripples through the world.

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For many years a leading light and featured soloist on innumerable New Orleans R&B sessions including just about every recording made by his long-term friend and employer Fats Domino Herb Hardesty has long been admired by rocknroll and R&B enthusiasts the world over.

Like fellow New Orleans saxophonists, Lee Allen and Red Tyler, Herb seldom recorded under his own name during his peak years.

Now, we are all responsible for our actions – and reactions.

If my co-worker is rude to me, I don’t have to react rudely to the next person.

If I am tired, or in a bad mood, or having a bad day or upset about something, oftentimes the world I see is colored by these bad feelings.

I don’t think much about how my actions, in response to these bad feelings, might impact someone else.Americans order a lot of pizza: A 2014 survey by the U. Department of Agriculture suggested that one in eight Americans eats pizza on any given day.Nowadays it feels as if there are as many options for having a pizza delivered as there are available toppings.The truth is that when I feel badly, I don’t care whether it impacts someone else or not.Some people actually like to make others miserable when they are feeling miserable!One of our most popular programs, you may have seen it featured on Channel 8’s Finding 8 and Suria Channel’s Satu Famili.