“If one of your friends is using Zoosk, and they do something on the site that they want to tell their friends about, it shows up on your (Facebook) news feed.” Venture capitalists such as Deepak Kamra, a general partner with Canaan Partners, are betting that younger singles will continue to use viral methods such as these to build scale and awareness for Zoosk’s network.

“It has turned out to be a much more economical and very fast-growing form of customer acquisition,” said Kamra, whose firm was one of several that recently boosted Zoosk’s financing by million to a total of .5 million.

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Users join by adding the Zoosk application on Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster, or by signing up on the company’s mobile application or at

Of Zoosk’s growing user base of 40 million, most - about 65 percent - are under 30. Traditional online dating sites, by contrast, tend to skew more toward older, seasoned singles with a no-nonsense approach.

It also owns the majority of Tinder, a hot mobile dating solution.

"Now that IAC has Tinder, it doesn't have the same appetite for acquisitions that it had a few years ago," the investor explained. " Other large dating properties like e Harmony and Zoosk haven't traditionally been active buyers.

But dating startups don't have the same leverage with IAC they had before.

siness Insider that budgetary restraints forced How About We to lay off a good chunk of its staff in order to join IAC.Through a combination of real letters, call-ins, topical discussions and guest experts The Love Show helps you understand your love challenges and how to overcome them.Description: The Love Show is an honest, unbridled look at dating and relationships.In addition, the website recently began selling users virtual currency known as Zoosk coins (they start at 95 for ), which can be used to purchase virtual gifts.All of this may seem otherworldly to those of us who found our mates in the brick-and-mortar dating world, but Zoosk is already tracking revenues at an annual run rate of about million, according to Kamra, who sits on Zoosk’s board and has made a business of backing online dating sites.The Love Show is an honest, unbridled look at dating and relationships.