I was shocked to see my cum spread all over the floor!!!

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She said she'd always thought I was a tosser anyway!! She's yelling, "Mikey, get down here, your son's on drugs," blah, blah, blah.

I began to wake up and I realized I was pretty much laying on the floor naked, Playboy still going, and that I was still wasted, of course. By the time I raised my head, they were staring at me from the staircase.

I barricaded myself in my room and didn't come out (while they were home) for about two days.

I could hear my mother talking to someone on the phone about the whole story. Needless to say, my relationship with my parents has never, ever, ever been the same.

Laundry day I was wankin' and I hadn't done it in a couple days and I needed to for sure.

Well, right before I came my mother knocked on the door and said, "I need to put some clothing away.

The top of the bleach bottle surprisingly had a cock ring effect and I was stuck.

I figured that after a while I would lose my erection and the bleach bottle would fall off, but much to my dismay I found that I didn't fully clean the bleach from the bottle because my cock started burning bad! My mother came home to find her son hugging a pillow.

I masturbated, of course, but I forgot the carrot in the shower!