So while sex in the same room didn't happen something else unexpected did.My wife played strip poker for the first time ever, well besides me.I was hoping to add another story to the sex in the same room thread but that hasn't quite worked out yet.

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She is primed to be naked in front of your friends again in the future, but if you play it wrong it will become "I don't want to get naked every time I see them, or Dana will think I'm a sl*t" On the other hand if you play it right, and she doesn't feel like you are pushing it too hard, this could become a recurring thing. One of my friends has seen my wife naked a few times.

I make sure to tell her how he thinks she has the best boobs of anyone he's seen in person.

Over the past 15 years, this has led to at least a dozen different evenings with this couple where some or usually all of us end up naked. There might be one more thing to bet...losing another hand means she gets shaved bald.

Of course this means no one is shaved at the start, but that could be arranged. We had about ten folks in the game - singles and couples. Each person was allowed 4 items of clothing - two on top - two on bottom - shoes, jewelry didn't count.

Before the next hand is dealt Eric says it is getting late and we have a long ride tomorrow maybe we should call it a night.

I was about to protest (really wanted to see my wife get naked) when Dana said but your the only one naked, we can't just stop can we?

I could see her landing strip because of her open jeans.

We then heard the elevator chime and her eyes got really big as she dropped her shirt and laughed as she pushed me into our room. As we were talking she laughed and said for a minute, she thought she was going to get out of getting naked until I brought up my solution.

We went to Eric and Dana's room to hang out and talk (and drink) for a while. I could see in her eyes she was asking what I thought.

A bottle of wine for the ladies later and Eric joked about the four us playing strip poker. So I piped in and said oh come on Dana, it will be like when we were young and foolish.

I used to go to a small swingers club in a rural area. They always had a bunch of board/card games around to break the ice. If activities didn't start to heat up by about 10 pm the hosts always tried to get a game going that resulted in naked people. The rules were vague, but we used two decks of cards to move it along quicker. The gal with the lowest hand among the gals selected an item to be removed by the guy with the highest guys hand and the gal with the highest gal hand removed an article from the guy with the lowest guys hand.