If you don't see it, you need to figure out why you're on a year-old build.

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For example, if you use both Windows Live Mail and Webmail, each program will know what messages you've read, and the two programs will share a single "sent mail" folder on the server.

(If you always read mail using a single copy of Windows Live Mail, using IMAP won't make a difference and probably isn't worth the effort.) This page assumes that you have already followed the basic instructions to set up Windows Live Mail and chosen the IMAP option instead of POP.

When Windows Live Mail opens, click Tools, then Accounts from the menu bar.

(If the program's menu bar is not visible, hold down the Alt key and press the letter T, then release both keys.) Highlight the email account you wish to change and click Properties.

That's exactly what I do with the marvelous Sysinternals Suite, a collection of advanced Windows maintenance and troubleshooting tools that every power user and IT pro should know about.

After downloading the entire suite, I unzip the collection to a folder in the root of the system drive called C:\Sysinternals Suite.

Click New (2) to create a new entry in the path, and then click Browse (3) to select or create the folder you want to add.

Use the Edit, Delete, Move Up, and Move Down buttons to change the existing path.

Normally, the system looks in the Windows folder and its System32 subfolder.