If you do not have i Tunes on your computer, download and install the software via the link in the Resources. It also notes, however, that once the process is complete, you'll have the option to restore your contacts, calendars, text messages and other settings. You will have the option to set it up as a new phone or restore it from a backup. Click "Continue" and a progress bar indicates that i Tunes is restoring from backup.(This backup includes your contacts.) Once completed, a pop-up window will appear, stating that the settings for your i Phone have been restored, that you must leave the i Phone connected to your computer and that the device will show in the i Tunes window after it restarts.

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disconnect all wired and wireless (Bluetooth) peripherals except your keyboard, mouse, and anything else necessary to reboot.

If you installed any expansion cards, remove those too.

If your Mac doesn’t have 10 GB free, move some of your largest files to another drive (either internal or external–JUST NOT another folder on your Macintosh HD.

Look for video files and image files as these tend to be your largest and are easy to move.

Turn your Mac off by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

Turn on your Mac and hold down the Command and R keys until you see the Apple logo.

Apple claims that all system file permissions are now automatically protected and updated during software updating.

However, for El Capitan, you CAN access Repair Permissions using Terminal (not so in mac OS.) This article features the detailed steps on how to fix permissions in El Capital.

If Disk Utility reports that the volume isn’t repairable, the drive needs replacement. booting up using Internet Recovery by holding down the Command Option R keys until you see the Apple Logo.