"No wonder it takes about an hour to download."Storage space on the flash memory-based Wii U is at a premium, as it is on any console without hard drive storage, so to immediately lose more than half of it to an enforced update would be a huge blow to new owners.

Nintendo has been approached for clarification on the update's size and for advice for any customers experiencing problems.

If you keep holding the power button down a menu will pop up that allows you to select Power Options.

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Many people just picked up their Nintendo Switch and got in a few hours of play, but now they’re wondering exactly how to turn off the Nintendo Switch.

From the home screen the Nintendo Switch only offers sleep mode instead of a traditional off button.

While we appreciate that we’re probably jinxing things by writing this, Play Station 4 firmware update v2.00 appears to have launched without too many setbacks.

Bricked consoles are always a concern with enormous operating system overhauls like this one, but the system software refresh seems to have deployed with only the most minor of issues.

You’re going to want option three, which is labelled ‘Update System Software’.

This will reinstall PS4 firmware update v2.00, which should solve your problem for now.

Sadly, there is one symptom that appears to be affecting a large number of people, and it pertains to the recently renamed Rest Mode, which was formerly dubbed Standby Mode.

This essentially allows you to put your console into an almost idle state, which will save power but still ensure that any patches or updates download while you’re not using your device.

hacked and does not contain the Homebrew Channel, then you might have luck doing a system update to fix it. With hacked Wii consoles, in some cases you can simply run the game using Gecko OS, but there are also programs like Wad Manager and Pimp My Wii that will install the necessary IOS to fix the Error #002 message.

Note: Be sure to research these programs on each respective website to make sure you're using the most up-to-date link.

It won’t hurt the console or interrupt your gaming experience.