It’s not fair to her and to me.” As a result, he said, “I’ve learned to be honest, because at the end of the day I have to be with somebody that loves me for who I really am.” His new understanding of telling the truth has paid off.

The reason for their breakup is Kellan’s next girlfriend.

It is not surprising to find that most of Kellan’s girlfriends are from the modeling world. She has also acted in many TV shows, music videos, and movies.

Find more stuff related to his dating life and all his ex girlfriends or wife. Even since then, he has been stealing the spotlight by bagging lead roles in movies like Tarzan, The Expandables 3 and The Legend of Hercules.

He was born in North Dakota, and his full name is Kellan Christopher Lutz and spent his childhood in Arizona and holds a chemical engineering degree.

It is rumored that Kellan has already got engaged with her though no official statement has come to prove its validity.

Kellan is already 31, and it is the perfect age to get married and settle down after having gone through a series of girlfriends.

hunk Kellan Lutz has found the secret to winning a girl’s heart: honesty. “I said I liked this certain band only because she liked them.

“I’ve become more mature when it comes to women and relationships,” Lutz, 27, told PEOPLE at Heineken’s U. Then she bought me tickets to their concert and I was stuck in going.

The recent movie of which she was a part is Beauty and the Beast.

The couple started dating just after a few months after Kellen’s break up with Kayla.

But after nearly three years of being in a relationship, their fairy tale came to an end in June 2011.