Most of the LGBTQ sites I write for want identity pieces that discuss the untold stories of what it’s like to be gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, genderqueer, sexually fluid, polyamorous, etc. Buzzfeed LGBT pays 0-300 an article, and they’re looking for powerful, emotional, personal pieces that pull at your heart. They’re no longer “Old Cosmo” and don’t want pieces about how to please your man. Submissions should be complete between 1,500 and 1,700 words.

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When I got started, I thought I might be able to write exclusively about being a bisexual man, and the experiences of biphobia I’ve encountered from both straight women and gay men.

Alas, while various editors loved the pieces, it was not something I could write 20 pieces about a month.

Pay rate differs depending on the piece, so be prepared to negotiate. Email editor EJ Dickson at [email protected] pitches and submissions. Upworthy pays $150-200 for short 500-word posts about LGBTQ topics. I’ve pitched a number of times and haven’t received a response.

That said, Austin Powell is the managing editor, so if you can find his email, reach out to him directly. Everyday Feminism pays $75 an article, but they’re not always accepting unsolicited submissions.

And it never seemed like any of my patients ever quit smoking. It took me a little longer to figure out where to find good-paying clients.

I’ve been freelancing full time for seven months, and I can’t imagine going back to a J-O-B. Some writers seem to have that dialed in from day one.This approach was a little too narrow, so I expanded my niche and started getting more work and making more money. I found that many LGBTQ sites have a need for honest and personal pieces about sex and are willing to pay pro rates. PRIDE is a sister site to The Advocate that serves LGBTQ millennials. Pitch fun list articles about sex, dating, and queer life, and personal identity pieces. Bustle pays -75 an article (depending on length) and features queer, personal identity pieces as well as queer lists.Since I’ve found my niche, I’ve had no problem finding work consistently. Contact editor-in-chief Levi Chambers,, or deputy editor Tracy Gilchrist, [email protected] Xo Jane pays for which features personal queer identity pieces (mainly for women, but men, too). Submit completed articles for consideration instead of pitching.But it gets a lot of traffic and can help boost your portfolio as an LGBTQ writer.Contact editor-in-chief Noah Michelson, at [email protected] Zuckerberg was raised in New York in a Jewish family, even having a Barmitzvah.