In the meantime, they deejay at Val’s events and flirt with girls. Another reason it wasn’t publicized is because Bruce is a modest, unassuming man who never sought attention for himself, even after he founded a successful firm making high-end jewelry and accessories.

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Valentino, the brand, though, has always transcended fashion, coming to embody a lifestyle that both Valentino, the man, and Giammetti, have enjoyed over the years—one that is as particular to the men themselves as it is innately glamorous, filled with famous friends, far-flung trips, and lots of time spent sunning, relaxing, and celebrating on yachts.

(Assouline), collects images and remembrances of that life.

It is intense, but when he approves, he nods.” When he is with his extended family, of course, he can relax, turn off the radar and be playful. Once in the “Valentino family”, the only way out is via a hearse.

(RIP, Nan Kempner and Lucia Salles, the Rio social deity who was a longtime pal.) The exceptions might be Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigada.

It conforms to the rules of the international jet set, which doesn’t really exist anymore.

He’s practicing a social art.” I asked a person who has been around Mr.Valentino loves to go to parties, The Times informed us yesterday, in excruciating detail, in a huge story. A tonic antidote to this anodyne puff piece might be an article that tells you something about the world-famous designer that you didn’t know, and would like to. Keep reading—we’ll tell you: (1) if Valentino still owns the company he created; (2) about the handsome young Brazilian brothers who will inherit the five palatial residences and the plump portfolio when the Big Guy goes to heaven; (3) about the talented and unassuming American architect who’s been his companion and soulmate for the past 30 years; and (4) what the couturier is like offstage. (Unlike The Times, which costs $ 2.50, Orb is free online.(Not exactly a pussycat…sweet.) First to the Times piece, which took up almost all of page 1 of the Thursday Styles section, with 10 photos, then jumped inside. The headline and deck read “HIS RED CARPET LIFE: At 82, the retired fashion designer Valentino Garavani is among the busiest figures on the NY social scene, as front-and-center around the city as much as ever.” Got that? “He really sincerely loves being in the public eye” added a Mr. This was followed by an enumeration of his itinerary for the past month, listing whom Val posed with and whom he air-kissed. Here you get your money’s worth.) A half-century ago, when Valentino launched his eponymous clothing company with his inamorato and business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, they started with little more than scissors, a bolt of cloth and a dream.They mastered the Italian art of always looking good while never looking frazzled. Internet sites put Valentino’s net worth at $ 1.5 billion. That may or may not be accurate–but they live better than people worth many multiples of that. It is not known if or how much Valentino and Giancarlo still get paid for tirelessly promoting and polishing the brand name they sold long ago. But where will Valentino’s enormous wealth go when he shuffles off this mortal coil?But it’s clear they flourish at a level of affluence few dressmakers have ever known, or ever will again. Some to his current companion (Bruce Hoeksema–we’ll get to him), but the majority will settle, our sources say, upon Sean and Anthony Souza, two Brazilian brothers who might be the luckiest young guys in the world.Valentino a lot and who adores him, as his intimates usually do, why he says very little.