When asked if he identified as alt-right or white-nationalist, he simply told The Daily Beast that he is a proud “Trumpservative.”Of course, he was one of many at the Ronald Reagan Building that afternoon.“The Alt-Right has been declared the winner [of this presidential election],” Spencer said on the night Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.“The Alt-Right is more deeply connected to Trumpian populism than the ‘conservative movement.’”“We’re the establishment now,” he concluded.There was Lana Lokteff, who runs a pro-white online TV show, who says "Trump is not our savior" but a "step in the right direction," and exclaims that "we [just] want to be around people who are nice to white people!

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Lupita Nyong'o, the Kenyan-Mexican actress who won an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress in 2014, got to date Jared Leto, who also won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in the same year.

The people who run the National Policy Institute (NPI) — a key institution of the Alternative-Right that Hillary Clinton will pillory today in a speech attacking its connections to Donald Trump — have always been suit-and-tie racists.

His attempt to grab back his phone resulted in a scuffle that led to him choke-holding a demonstrator, and multiple people throwing punches his way.

By the time the cops broke up the fight, the cameraman had blood pouring down his forehead.“GET HOME SAFE, YOU FUCKING FASCIST!

" an onlooker shouted as the police escorted him back inside the building.

Back at the NPI conference, the cameraman met his colleagues to dish on the leftist barbarians at the gate, and to settle down and get back to work after the skirmish.This list consists of female celebrities who come to mind when we think about famous and beautiful women.These are only "the ones that we know about." You won't be able to help but say "Whaaaaat? " That is your right and we won't judge: it is quite impressive!Most people are so used to being all about their 'freedom,' so they becomes these little crybabies. Civilization needs to be civilized."Tequila, a “politically incorrect” one-time reality-TV star (much like our next president!) and model, has dabbled in casual anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi declarations over the years, to the point where she has been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League.star Brooke La Barbera, but things didn’t work out, and now Lisa is part of an epic proposal where she has to convince girlfriend Jamiee that they were going to be a part of new reality show (of course!