But neither of us will forget that first one because we were very affectionate." Miss Bumbum model Andressa Urach, 29, claimed Cristiano Ronaldo flew her to Madrid in April 2013 so he could bed her in the city's five star Villa Magna Hotel.

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She accused Cristiano of sending her a string of threatening messages when she sold her story to a British tabloid.

Asking for forgiveness from the footballer and his ex in her warts and all book after a near-death experience following a botched cosmetic op which made her turn her back on her sordid former life, she added: "I want to publicly ask for forgiveness from Cristiano Ronaldo and his then girlfriend Irina."If I could turn back time, I would write a new page for everything that happened." Cristiano, who has been linked to a string of women since his five-year relationship with Irina ended, was said last week to have started dating Bulgarian Nikoleta Lozanova.

And insiders say 25-year-old Alyona – estranged wife of wealthy businessman John Haynes – is smitten.

‘It’s early days but Ronaldo seems very keen on her and has wined her and dined her at some very expensive restaurants,’ a pal reveals. She’s very sexy and intelligent and finds him charming and funny.’ But John, 50, was left heartbroken when he found out. I had hoped we were just going through a rough patch, but when I finally saw a photograph of them together it confirmed my worst fears,’ he tells Daily Mail.

has won the FIFA Player of the year award twice in 20.

  ronaldinho is a soccer player from Brazil he played world cup soccer      Ronaldinho's real name is Ronaldo but they call him Ronaldinho because there was already a Ronaldo on the team.

She has dropped a series of heavy hints Cristiano was unfaithful to her.

In an interview with Spanish society magazine Hola last May, she said: "You have to be faithful to your other half and not have secrets.

   Ronaldinho played for Barcelona FC but moved to AC Milan.