But there’s a certain, inescapable self-consciousness that comes from seeing your mannerisms and mistakes play out on national television, she says, and it sent her into a downward spiral.

Naturally athletic, Schromm agreed to go onto after the season ended.

She placed third in her first competition, and was motivated to train for another.

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Sean Duffy (“Boston,” 1997) is a Republican representative for Wisconsin.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (“Back to New York,” 2001) is a WWE wrestler. He’s dreamt of being an entrepreneur since he mowed lawns as a kid, he says, and was studying business at Arizona State University during his MTV debut.

But its underlying theme, to let anyone with a cable package tune into a group of ordinary young people doing ordinary, young people things, hasn’t really changed.

(1999), where she binge drank her way to the hospital shortly after meeting her new roommates, with rehab following shortly thereafter.

This time around, a group of professional athletes, like UFC fighter CM Punk and retired NFL linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, join in on the fun.

We’ve seen plenty of relationships form on The Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge.

Now 40 (and sober), Alcaide has chopped off the long, black hair she donned on the show, and avoids talking about it when she doesn’t have to. S., didn’t know she was dating a reality star until the two had been together for nearly a year.

When she first joined the (she did four of them), Alcaide struck up a conversation with some of the camera crew.

It was a slow start — she had to convince a lot of people she was worth taking a chance on. “People wonder what you have to offer, as if you’re not a person who can be interested in an actual career.

I had to adapt quickly.” In the years since, Alcaide has worked as a production coordinator and assistant for dozens of film and tv sets — including reality shows like .

She wants to work as a creative producer someday, and is building her resume with music video and commercial shoots. “I wasn’t allowed to watch the show, so I didn’t know what to expect.