It had various photography related items (film and digital) plus cellular phones for sale.

They used to do one hour developing and passport photos, as well.

who is liquidating ritz camera-14

The day after, I heard on the radio that their parent company, Ritz, was being liquidated. In the evening I stopped at the store (which had yellow liquidation posters all over its windows).

The guys said they had not processed my film yet (by the sad look of it, it was obvious that their film processing machine had some sort of problem) and they promised they would call me when the job was done. I stopped by again and I was decided to ask them to give me my film cartridges back.

A few week-ends ago, I finally cleaned my desk and found the unprocessed film cartridges.

The following day, I stopped at a rather large Wolf Camera store which still processed film, and generally did a decent job at scanning the negatives.

I was in Venice during last year’s holiday season – a family reunion of sorts.

I did not suspect that it would be the last time that I would have Kodak film processed by Wolf Camera (a local brand of the Ritz Camera empire). Is there a better subject than Venice to illustrate the decline and fall of the glorious.

I say "savings" because they're not really discounting much of anything yet.

The Consumerist has the details, but basically the new owner is notorious for buying ailing retail brands (such as Circuit City and Ritz Camera), jacking up the prices, slashing the higher prices and calling it a sale.

Bad news for people who like to make their own clothes: Hancock Fabrics is going out of business and closing all of its stores, including its Salisbury location. The retailer is liquidating its merchandise online and at its remaining 185 retail stores, including its location in the Twilley Centre off Mount Hermon Road.