May 1995 - June 2004Jemima and Imran got married on May 16, 1995.

She was 21 and he was 42, and Jemima converted to Islam a few months before their marriage.

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Khan traveled in esteemed circles, counting Princess Diana among one of her closest friends.

She also pursued fashion and philanthropy — and in 1998, launched her own fashion line with all proceeds from the line going to her husband's charity hospital.

You know, questions like: Does he have shirtless photos? Although he, at 25 years old, is clearly of the millenial generation, it does not seem like he’s got that millenial urge to share shirtless selfies, bulging underwear photos, and what have you. We should also mention that Lovett is gay according to Steve Clemons of The Atlantic:… Jon Lovett is not shy at all about this — and frankly, I think it’s been inspiring and important to have a brilliant gay speechwriter among the other half dozen or so other young future Ted Sorensen’s.

The show, which is likely to launch in mid-January, will be closely aligned with Farrow’s activism.”What’s his activism about? Are we really that interested in his activism or should we focus on the more important questions that we Famewatchers care about? Unfortunately, those of you who are into “shirtless media hunks” — see: Shirtless Sanjay Gupta — will be disappointed because our Ronan is a good example of what our friend Deena calls a non-millenial millenial. We’re sad when the show ended because it deprived us of the gorgeous Robbie Amell (see: Robbie Amell Shirtless Photos). None of the reports — none — no one who has written or blogged about Lovett’s big news has shared anything of his gay sizzle and fabulousness.

We know you are disappointed so we decided to upload this shirtless photo of Ronan Keating who is just as good-looking as his namesake. Is he and singer Selena Gomez in a relationship as the photo below may suggest? Selena is Justin Bieber’s girl although their relationship seems to be the on-again off-again variety. Oops, make that former speechwriter slash current TV producer.

Try as we might, we can’t find a shirtless pic of our blue-eyed hunk. So to summarize: Ronan Farrow is hot but he’s got no shirtless pics. Rumor has it that he is dating Jon Lovett who is a brilliant gay speechwriter.

Rumours began swirling last week after the pair were spotted dining at a Vietnamese eatery in Hoxton, and now the lovebirds seem to have gone public.

Walking arm-in-arm, the duo strolled through New York on Sunday together like a couple of loved-up teens glued at the hip.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of all, is that this doesn't seem to be a fleeting hook-up, but a real blossoming love.

Former heroin addict Russell wrote in a daily newspaper: "I am presently beleaguered by a nerdish, whirling dervish and am eschewing all others."Perhaps the clarity of this elation has awakened me.

‘I think there shouldn’t just be a yes or a no swipe, this may say something more about me but I think there should definitely be a maybe swipe,’ she said.