They went public this year over Labor Day weekend, when they were spotted holding hands on the beach in Malibu. “He could often be overheard talking flirtatiously to someone on the phone and excited to wrap up work and go home.It’s been obvious that he’s had someone special in his life for a long time.” Holmes shares 11-year-old daughter Suri with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, to whom she was married from 2006 to 2012.

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In June 2016, that the Oscar winner has no plans to marry Holmes anytime soon. It seemed like Katie's world was crumbling when she realized Jamie had been leading a double life.

"He's been so busy with movies and all of his other businesses that he knows he can't be a good boyfriend to her, [but] he brings a lot of joy into her life and he's happy with Katie," a source said. It's amazing how narrowly she had missed Jamie's other woman." The insider added, "It's too late to call everything off—now that their relationship is out in the open—but if he lies to her one more time, she'll walk." That wasn't the first time Foxx was linked to other ladies.

Jamie has even encouraged Katie to start seeing other guys if she wants to!

" Part of why Holmes and Foxx have flown under the radar is because if they didn't, Holmes may have faced legal and financial ramifications under her 2012 divorce settlement with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

"He's asked for a few months out and made no promise he'll be available after that.

It's heartbreaking for Katie, who would marry him in a heartbeat if he were keen.

Corinne was so cute with Suri, and the three of them looked like they were having a lot of fun together." In November 2015, a source told Though Foxx is reportedly smitten with Holmes, that doesn't mean he's ready to shout his love from the rooftops just yet.

"Jamie is still not open about his relationship to many of his friends," a source told There's probably a good reason Foxx keeps quiet about his romance with Holmes, at least in terms of his pals: One of them spilled the beans on the couple and then had to backpedal in a big way. It's been hard to find that balance, but they're happy and they care about each other a lot." in September 2017 that just as buzz was building about Foxx's relationship with Holmes, he was caught hooking up with a Russian mistress. "Jamie would try and rush them in and out, so nobody would catch him.

She's getting everything from Jamie that she didn't get with Tom." The source also claimed Foxx referred to Holmes as "[his] girl." in September 2017 that Foxx and Holmes started as a fling but became the real thing.