Like Diane Keaton in that role, Russell would wear a fair amount of men’s clothing that was slightly altered. and on-again-off-again Felicity love interest Noel Crane wasn’t shy about admitting his fondness for computers and graphic design.Once Russell got a feel for the manner of dress, she became a stickler for what her character would wear, refusing to wear nail polish, hair accessories, or certain pieces of jewelry that she thought would be too extravagant for Felicity. Apparently, the fictional character is still active online via Noel

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She may only be 28 years old, but as a professional dancer since nine, Julianne Hough could probably write the book on a full face of makeup and super-glam hair.

But when we sat down with the star – who’s the new face of Giorgio Beverly Hills’ Glam fragrance – to talk all things beauty, she admitted she’s not a fan of the full-coverage look she wore during her late-teens at 18 years old, I think I look older than I do now,” Hough said.

That’s why the college in the show is called University of New York instead.

One of the most iconic images of was the protagonist’s long curly hair.

Riley Weston was hired as a writer after sending in scripts and presenting herself as a recent high school graduate.

Weston was hailed as a prodigy for being able to write so well at a young age, but in actuality she was in her early thirties.

Katrine gets her fair share of action on that front.

There’s the never-ending on-off relationship with spin doctor Kasper Juul, and there are more men this time round!

These interesting bits of behind-the-scenes trivia will really let you in on what was going on. Obviously, he couldn’t explore that on his grounded show about college relationships, so he pitched his new show to suffer in its fourth and final season.

Felicity’s first college friend was Julie, a guitar player and singer.

Off-screen I’m happily in a new relationship with fellow Dane and actor Christian Tafdrup.