I did it because I just wanted to set the record straight that I wasn’t an assistant anymore, but if I see you in the street and you have your demo, I know some cool people in the industry and I might be able to help you out.

I loved the idea of doing it, so I started recording and just fell in love and got lost in it.

I shot a video, and you should be seeing that within the next two months.

So instead of the being like the other assistants saying, “I’ll wait in the car or I’ll go back to the hotel room,” I would be there to provide service.

I had done this interlude on Da Band’s album called “Cheers to Me,” and I distinctly walked into the 4040 Club, and Jay Z said, “I liked your flow on Da Band’s album,” and was like wow .

(Villard), and tells us what it takes to get to the next level in style.

I remember my first day on the job, Sean was walking me through all of the closets, and I had some shades stuck in my sweater.

I wanted to be able to see how someone micromanaged their time and how they get things done on a very high level, and is passionate about all of these different genres, and Diddy’s one of the best that ever did it.

I wanted to hear the negotiation; I wanted to hear what’s going on.

How did you link up with Kanye, and what can we expect from your upcoming album?