I don't have a metabolism anymore – everything just stays."Aparna Nancherla New York-based Nancherla made a huge splash last year with her killer debut album, Just Putting It Out There, on Tig Notaro's label.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn't for everybody – in some of the funniest moments, it's so emotionally extreme you wonder how it could be for anybody.

But there's nothing else like it, and Bloom holds it together as the delusional heroine trapped in a musical.

She goes deep on why pizza is similar to yoga ("That's my sacred circle") and topics like depression and anxiety: "Sometimes people are like, ' There's nothing to fear but fear itself.' Uh, have you checked out some of fear's work?

Pretty much churning out the hits since forever."Chris Gethard Gethard's craft thrives on painful confession, from his stage show, Career Suicide, to his podcast to his public-access chatfest.

As Steve Martin used to warn, comedy is not pretty. Louie is one of the most overwhelmingly influential comedies in TV history – so many of the names on this list got here by walking through the door C. Rock's new Total Blackout tour is cause for celebration, even if it was a painful divorce (and its price tag) that pushed him back onstage.

And in these fractious times, the power of laughter matters more than ever. He jokes about his post-divorce attempt to put the moves on Ri Ri: "You know how you forget how old you are? Then she asked me where Ray J went." Over the decades, Rock has never suffered a dry spell, even as he keeps moving out of his comfort zone into projects like his film Top Five.

(Not to mention almost single-handedly breaking the wall of silence around a guy named Bill Cosby, detailed in Buress' excellent Comedy Camisado.) Buress was all long-suffering deadpan nonchalance in Broad City, but in a third-season twist – Ilana's longtime fuck buddy finds a woman who will commit – he also showed that he's got a wider emotional range than people recognize.

He can even slay when he's riffing on how painful it is to get carded when you're 32: "Why don't you look at my body – do I look like I have the metabolism of a 20-year-old?

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key Perhaps the greatest tribute to the enduring impact of their genius sketch show came from Dave Chappelle, who recently admitted that watching their show for five years made him jealous as hell: "That hurts my feelings." Much as we all miss Key and Peele, the end of their series means more room to conquer other venues, be it their cat-gangsta- heist romp, Keanu, or Peele's horror flick, Get Out, a game-changer that finds a whole new way to satirize the never-ending bad joke of American racism.