Many aspiring actors have a dream to work with him.He is best known for directing Red Dragon, Rush Hour film series, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Family Man and Tower Heist.The “Tower Heist” director also allegedly showed Newman nude photos of his then-girlfriend.

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Singer disputed the claims on Ratner’s behalf in a 10-page letter to the publication.

In a separate statement to Page Six, Singer told us, “Brett Ratner vehemently denies the outrageous derogatory allegations that have been reported about him, and we are confident that his name will be cleared once the current media frenzy dies down and people can objectively evaluate the nature of these claims.

“The Punisher” star Jaime Ray Newman also detailed Ratner’s vulgar behavior on an Air Canada flight in 2005.

“He was graphically describing giving me oral sex and how he was addicted to it,” Newman said, revealing Ratner had asked his assistant to switch seats before takeoff so he could sit next to her.

Very talented American film director, music video director, film producer, film editor and screenwriter Brett Ratner is said to be one of the richest celebrities.

He is said to be receiving a wonderful salary from his profession, which correspondingly makes a wonderful net worth.Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge are among six actresses who have accused director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct in a report from the Los Angeles Times published Wednesday.Henstridge, 43, who appeared in “Species” (1995), described her encounter as a then-19-year-old model, who ended up falling asleep on Ratner’s couch in his New York apartment while watching a movie with friends.Brett Ratner was born on March 28, 1969 in Florida.He was born to Marsha Pratts a socialite and Ronald Ratner and was raised in Miami Beach, Florida.Since then Ratner worked much harder to pursue his career and make his way to the industry.