In April of 2017, Jin was awarded "BEST MALE ARTIST" as well as "MOST POPULAR ARTIST(JAPAN)" during the 5th Vchart Awards 2017, hosted in China.JINTAKA, Jin and Takayuki Yamada’s unit, also were awarded “Most Popular Duo (Asia)” for their debut single Choo Choo SHITAIN, at the Chinese Music awards hosted in Macau.In December of 2015 the live DVD&Blu-ray "JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2015 ~Me~" was released.

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This agency acts as a mediator between the idol and the people who want the idol for jobs, as well as manage the all around schedule and what they do for their job as an idol.

As I know it, western celebrities don’t have an agency, but just a manager or a PR person who interacts with the press and mediates between others who want to do business with them.

It is the agency’s job to assign work to the idols that comes in from outside sources, as well as assign work for the core of what they do, which is being in a singing group.

Along with management by an agency comes strict regulations, which include rules about dating and marriage.

In September Jin performed as a main guest in the "Shanghai West Bund Music Festival" soon after he ended his nation wide tour at Shanghai's "Mercedes-Benz Arena" In June of 2015 Jin released his album titled "Me" followed by "JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2015 ~Me~" which sold out 19 venues across Japan.

In October he re-visited Shanghai to end his tour at the "Mercedes-Benz Arena" .

Jin Akanishi made his debut in March, 2006 as a member of KAT-TUN releasing a single album and DVD at the same time.

All three releases reached #1 on the Oricon weekly ranking. In January 2010, his first Japanese feature film "BANDAGE" was released. The song was also released in Japan on a mini-album on December 7th.

Before getting into marriage and dating, I think it’s important to explain the management system of idols in the east.

I mentioned this a previous Johnnys Talk post, but most idols (and celebrities) in East Asia are managed by an agency.

Some people have asked, “Why is it such a big deal?