The narrative positions Kagome’s desire to study, to get into a good school, and to eventually graduate high school with her friends, as something petty and childish.

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The show will repeat this story to you once every twenty or so episodes. ” Kagome is so enraged by Naraku’s horrid manipulation of Inu Yasha, Kikyo, Sango, and Kohaku, and his disregard for others’ lives, that she nearly kills him.

The point is, Kagome is supposed to be super powerful. In the second episode, “Seekers of the Sacred Jewel”, Kagome is able to shatter the Shikon Jewel into pieces with her powers. Again, nearly, because he gets away, but canonically Kagome was one of the only characters Naraku ever viewed as a viable threat. Kagome was also one of the only characters who could take Naraku on solo and do serious damage and nearly kill him. Kagome, at the start of the series, is a normal middle school teenager. Kagome’s main goal pre-fairy tale adventure was getting into a good high school.

Way better than staying at home and doing homework.

But that life is a part of Kagome’s story and we never get to see it.

Kagome is meant to be our narrator, yet her life is barely touched upon.

Miruko, Sango, and Inu Yasha’s various family members, or their childhoods, are routinely acknowledged (especially Inu Yasha’s) but we learn very little about Kagome.

Inu Yasha had adorable dog ears, Sango had a badass giant boomerang weapon, Miroku’s wind tunnel was both inventive and tragic, and Kagome could shoot laser arrows of magic!

There were demons, and romance, and oh the mythology!

She’s never been taught archery, but we’re suppose to believe she’s a talented archer with incredible power because she’s the reincarnation of Kikyo who was all these things.

So Kagome’s powers aren’t earned by her own merit and are often disregarded completely.

Thus, there’s no real tension that exists in terms of where Kagome will end up.