Banking laws in every state are based on the Uniform Commercial Code.

When the payment is posted, the customer receivable is credit, but the bank account isn’t yet debit.

If your original check to a vendor or from a customer is lost or damaged, you can issue a replacement postdated check.

Instead, a clearing account is used for this purpose.

Register the details of a postdated check that you receive from a customer.

If a company has specifically instructed a bank to abide by the "void by" date, the bank may refuse to endorse the check after the void date.

Otherwise, it likely will cash the check up until six months from the date recorded.

If you have a check more than six months old and a bank won't cash it, you're not necessarily out of luck.

Many states have unclaimed property laws that require individuals and business to hand over assets to the state if the payee hasn't claimed them.

Therefore, the check can't be cashed until the specified date.