I will let you know when they have been posted, of course.

But the truth is, the faster we move towards the 10000$ target, the sooner everyone can be compensated and get started tracking their magnificence when their schedules allow for them to do so.1.

You donate, via Pay Pal, the fixed sum of 150 SEK (or whatever sum above you think is reasonable, but 150 SEK (that is short for “150 Swedish Krona”, gets you the album when it’s completed, plain and simple) to [email protected] Also, make sure you cover Pay Pal’s fee on top of it, please. Make sure you put in the email address you want the album link to be sent to as you donate.

It’s fascinating how many people miss out on that tiny detail. That means – share this on your goddamn Facebook page. Whatever you do in terms of helping TPH out, I appreciate it more than you know. And if you want to watch it, just click the fucken thing and enjoy this piece of audio perfection. if you haven’t already, please buy the digital downloads (3 different versions) of this album here at our site and/or put in your order for a copy of the limited edition digipak. The digipaks are here and they both look and sound fucken amazing.

Do you prefer the digital way of listening to your shit? DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: The digital versions (3 of them even, you can find more info about this to the right) are 150 SEK through Pay Pal to [email protected] Whichever version you end up buying it’ll be some of your best invested cash ever. And I ALWAYS confirm your orders, so if you haven’t heard anything from me within 24 hours – contact me immediately coz then something has fucked up and we need to un-fuck it immediately. Huge thanx to all of you who have bought one version or the other. All the ordering information you could ever need is found to the right. Now this weekend will be busy with packing everything to all of you who have pre-ordered this physical disc and then they’ll be on their way to you by next week.

The study identified 926 hate groups -- defined as groups with beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people -- active in 2008.

That's a 4 percent jump, adding 38 more than the year before.

I am always extremely skeptic when it comes to this, to be honest.

It’s a pretty big chunk of cash that needs to be raised and I offer absolutely nothing but the music itself in return, presented in the best way I can possibly present it.

As for now, there’s enough of them to build a couple of (small) inverted crosses at least.

Make the note with your payment say “DIGIPAK” and PLEASE make sure your name and address is in there too. So, this is the lyric video for the song “Reign”, taken from our 2017 masterpiece entitled “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” which was released on Mouth Of Belial Productions earlier this year.

I can’t say when exactly, coz it’s out of my hands.