Along with meeting the office needs, the system also powers 28 electric car charging stations, allowing employees to commute to work affordably and cleanly, not to mention a shaded place to park.

In addition to all of this, two days a week we are pumping our excess electrical power back into the grid.

Oralia also serves as a mentor to our second Wedgewood scholar, Kaylin.

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The Wedgewood Foundation committee manages the direction of large donations, including matching fund opportunities and other giving events.

To date, Wedgewood’s employees and companies have donated over $250,000 through the Wedgewood Foundation to support education, special needs, health and other important charitable causes.

And from that fateful association, Wedgefest was born.

Since then, Wedgewood employees have come together to participate in Wedgefest projects including the rehabilitation of an elementary school, completing a total home makeover for a deserving community hero, and six community beautification projects. Wedgewood enjoys the quality of life that comes with having our headquarters in one of the most beautiful beach communities in California.

Here are some of the foundations we support: Through our ongoing ventures with charitable organizations like Weekend Warrior, Victory Outreach, and ANGELVIEW, Wedgewood is able to make an immediate impact on the lives of those in need.

With the help of these organizations, we are able to donate household and personal items of value while bringing a sense of improvement and hope to families in the communities.

For three years, she participated in a summer work program there and subsequently was nominated by Wooten’s executive team to receive assistance for college.

On her education, Kaylin says, “I believe getting a college education is important because of the job security it provides.

At any given time, she works with between 13-18 families, helping them connect to services, assess their housing options, and track their progress during their stay in a temporary shelter.

Her goal is to learn how best to support this population and hopes to start her own nonprofit in Los Angeles in the future.

Searching for a way to harness the energy, enthusiasm, skills and philanthropic hearts of Wedgewood’s employees, CEO Greg Geiser connected with Sharefest, a non-profit revitalization organization based out of San Pedro.