If someone likes everything but the colour the store can easily change it.

Even if it’s something as small as the shape of the collar or one too many buttons Enrique and Silvia will change the jacket to fit the client’s needs.

The second wave of settlers hunted the new cattle for their meat and skin and soon the Argentine leather industry was born.

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Murillo 666 offers men formal leather suit jackets in black and darker shades of brown with good quality leather and endurable stitching.

It also offers a more casual and fashion forward bomber-style jacket, the perfect piece for the weekend.

With so many choices in hides, clothing, and stores we decided to help you out by picking the Top 5 leather stores here in Buenos Aires.

Silvia Eisele In a list of the top leather stores in Buenos Aires, Silvia Eisele should top it every time.

After Christopher Columbus’s journey to the Americas, Don Pedro de Mendoza established a small settlement, which would later become Buenos Aires.

Along with the people of the community came cattle.The only downsides are the sometimes unfriendly staff and the price tags, as Murillo 666 tends to be pricier than most of the leather stores on the street.My father’s casual brown jacket cost US9 and the mint green women’s jacket is selling for 0 or roughly US0.At 6’2 with broad shoulders, it took my father every store on Murillo to find a jacket until arriving at Murillo 666.There he was actually able to choose between three well-fitting jackets. From long, slim fitting jackets in blacks and browns, to short formal suit jackets with buttons and collars, to a mint green suede jacket with white accents, there is a jacket to fit every style.For more than 20 years the company has been cutting, sewing, and selling leather.