This time the receptionist took my name and number for "Mr.Thomas" the manager who is supposed to call me back. These guys are the market leaders in amateur sex cam shows.

We left the car where we parked and walked around the area.

I took these two photos in NMB as it should NOT have looked that night: Night of the flood 1 Night of the flood 2 Later I came upon Cooter Dougles on You Tube explaining that the streets in NMB are perfect...long as it doesn't rain.3/15 I thought y'all might get a kick out of this!

I still get the occasional e-mail about problems with the OD Pavilion cam. The webcam service itself is provided through at times there is a lack of cam maintenance and possibly old equipment which is not likely to improve. I sometimes say if they remain inactive, I will remove them from the grid. If any of you are inclined to call and express an interest in getting the cams working, I even added the phone numbers.7/3 Happy 4th to all the cam fans!

We have a lot of cam outages and U have tried calling all of them without response.

Thank you for visiting this web page, and for letting me know about new cams or when the current cams are down.

Cam fan Brenda sent me this link from Jim and Kelly's Vacation Rentals. After some discussion with whoever answers the phone I was connected to the vboice mail of Bill Pennauchi, General Manager.The view is looking south towards Lake Tekapo village and Mt John. In addition in addition to our HD camera capturing still images, we have a dedicated, interactive, live video camera that allows visitors to select from a list of 20 preset views and watch while the camera moves to that view.No queue exists on the camera, so please be patient and courteous to others.Throughout the entire spring to summer, residents were forced to avoid the area by the beach due to detours and roadblocks. But when we arrived for the live music we were told it was called off due to floods!There were actually people in kayaks paddling down the main sttreet!Published on May 17, 2017While I was mucking mucking around in the web cam links, I came across this website It has a link to a "live" cam for Sands Ocean Ckub which is more like a clip from a silent black and white movie. My new cam page still needs work, but I wanted to go ahead and get it online. " Councilman Randle Stevens submitted a resolution and a corresponding sign to the town clerk for council’s consideration.