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Twitter’s spoiler problem just got a little bit worse.) AMC Premiere will cater to fans in other ways, too, serving up bonus content not immediately available elsewhere (deleted scenes, cast interviews, etc.) and a monthly selection of feature films “curated” to correlate with shows currently airing on AMC.

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While most people probably won’t want to shell out $60 per year for a service they’re already paying for as part of their cable subscription, AMC execs are betting their shows have enough superfans to make this experiment worth a try. While it’s now become common for cable and even broadcast networks to offer viewers the ability to purchase their content directly — think HBO Now or CBS All Access — it’s important to note AMC Premiere doesn’t quite fit into that booming category of so-called “over-the-top” TV offerings. Instead of catering to cord-cutters, AMC Premiere is designed to keep consumers inside the big cable womb (a.k.a “the bundle”) by offering an upscale experience available only through your friendly neighborhood cable conglomerate.

While Comcast is AMC’s cable partner at launch, it’s expected other TV providers (Spectrum, Direc TV, etc.) will eventually start selling AMC Premiere within the next few months or years.

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