Bottom line is be careful where you buy the cards and always do a thorough inspection once you have the cards in hand.

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However, each card from this scam shares the same bar code (ex.

every 1954 Topps Hank Aaron card will have different cert numbers but the same bar code).

The easiest way to check flip authenticity is by looking at the bar code.

With authentic PSA cards, the bar code should be unique to each card and never duplicated on any other card.

Even though PSA claims to have a “tamper evident” holder, it is quite easy to open the holder without damaging it.

Once the holder is opened, the “flip” (label) and card are removed and replaced with a counterfeit card and flip.

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Finally, using a clear adhesive, the holder is resealed and ready to be sold.

All of the fake flips utilize legitimate cert numbers, so if the cards are looked up in PSA database, they will match the card in the holder, but realize these numbers can be easily obtained and have no meaning on determining whether the card is authentic or not.

Notice in the picture below showing a Hank Aaron RC that the upper half of the holder is frosted.