Toyota, desperately seeking to amp up its emotional quotient, is set to revive the once-beloved Supra, to the delight of legions of Japanese car buffs.

As part of a joint project with BMW, the new Supra coupé shares its platform and engines with the next-gen Z4 roadster, though the cars will be tuned distinctively different.

Starting at 5,995, with booming power and ridiculously cool retro style, the AMG GTs will continue turning heads forever.

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Its stout 2.0-liter turbo-four, rated at 220 hp and with 258 lb-ft of torque, is perfectly matched to the car’s size and weight.

The Golf punches above its weight with world-class fit and finish and an interior suited to a more expensive vehicle.

Engineered to carry the 911 legacy into the future, it is so incredibly well-sorted and so alive that it taunts you to push it further to the edge, never quite reaching the limits of its capability.

From $143,600.00, the GT3 is a true thoroughbred and among the top Porsches of all time.

Zero to 60 is expected to clock in at 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 174 mph, with power channeled to the asphalt via BMW’s exceptional seven-speed DCT gearbox.

The new M CS models are a distillation of what BMW does best: Building world-beating compact, lightweight machines for driving enthusiasts, which will always be in demand. Only about 1,200 M3 CS and 3,000 M4 CS will be built for world markets, with around 550 of each model allocated for the States.Corvette’s seventh generation, the C7, is near the end of the line for what will be 66 years of dedication to its front-engine, rear-drive platform.Following decades of prevaricating dating back to the early 1970s, Chevrolet has bucked tradition to embrace a mid-engine layout for the upcoming C8, with the aim of establishing the Corvette among the world’s preeminent supercars. As of this writing, the 2019 ZR1 shall be known as the most formidable and technically savvy Corvette ever built.The GT S increases power to 515 horses because more is always better.Continuing in that spirit, buyers can also opt for GT C or GT R editions, any of which is capable of zero-to-60 times in the three-second range, for those indulging in hair-splitting specs.All right, that was too easy, though it bears mention that owning a tough segment while beating back contenders for going on 33 years deserves some recognition.