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The new Expression Editor control allows end users to add Excel-like functions within a grid. Flex Chart has added 16 new chart types, including Step Chart variations, new samples, histogram, and ranged histogram.

In addition, legend-grouping, drilldown support, Save Image, and editable annotations have been added as enhancements.

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However, the developer has been updating regularly and the extension supports Visual Studio 2013 through 2017. Now, if you want to incorporate support for terminal sessions into your application rather than your IDE, there are a couple choices available. Specifically, Pollynator helps you generate code that employs the Polly: Polly library for resilience and transient fault handling in complicated applications that rely on other local or cloud-based services. Speaking of cloud applications and services, Azure Functions and Web Jobs Tools provide essential tools for creating, debugging and publishing Azure Functions and Web Job projects if you're on a version prior to Visual Studio 2017 15.3 (these tools have been rolled into subsequent releases of Visual Studio).

Component Pro offers 30-day trial editions for its Telnet Component/Control and . See the Component Pro Web site for product details, documentation and license pricing. If you want to create your own project templates, take a look at Sidewaffle Creator, by Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi.

It includes "in-between" changesets in the search results even if they don't include the search identifier, making sure you merge the entire history.

A step beyond project templates, Code Generation and T4 Text Templates provides design-time and runtime code generation for any Visual Studio project. Sych's T4 Toolbox for Visual Studio 2017 extends the code-generation functionality of T4 text templates to generate multiple output files from a single template, generate output to multiple projects or folders, and add or check out generated files from your source code control tools.

The method for invoking is slightly different, but as with the previously mentioned extension, it uses your project namespace and folder hierarchy to define the correct namespace for each C# file in a project.