This set is a great mix of "on the fly" action shots, and posed shots, where gorgeous CLEMENTINE boldly exposes her hot tattooed body, and smiles at you all the way!STAY TUNED for many other exciting photosets and videos from CLEMENTINE's German shootings in amazing locations and exciting situations! By popular demand, our gorgeous superstar PURPLE QUEEN is back with brand new pictures!

Video chat nudity-16

This is an ad for UK TV Freeview featuring a very small streaker with a huge beard.

The ad was created for the 2010 World Cup and was supposed to promote HD TV – which would help you to see any tiny streakers that turned up.

In this final photoset from her latest encore session, PURPLE QUEEN is stark naked and super-naughty in her hotel room in Venice (Italy), and delivers blazing hot, super-explicit FILTHY-SOLED EROTICA!

You get extreme spread-eagled poses, doggy-style ass & asshole shows, and the SUPER-DIRTY SOLES of PURPLE QUEEN's superb size 35EU/5.5US feet sticked right on your noses in plenty of mind-blowing close-ups!

), FENICE found the way to flash her huge all-natural floppers with pierced nipples in some locations!

FENICE wore a pair of outrageous hot pants which left little to imagination!

These brand new pictures were taken in Venice some weeks ago..

even if the city was packed with tourists (and patrolling policemen!

ELETTRA starts by delivering a hot footshow, letting you get up close and personal with her sexy size 37EU/6.5US feet in a series of exciting close-ups!

Then ELETTRA exposes her big natural tits and her hairy trimmed pussy, prying its labia open with her fingers..

Plenty of close-ups of CLEMENTINE's feet and of her intimate parts! :-) Stay tuned for other sizzling hot updates on the BAREFOOT NUDITY EUROPEAN TOUR 2017 in the next weeks..