Sam approaches the girl again, and says something to her that causes her to look up briefly before returning to her phone.

” When Sam started to argue with him, Irenstein interrupted, “Don’t argue with me!

This psychological love test should show how compatible you are with your partner in various areas.

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We stand outside Barnes & Noble, watching the people pass.

Kiss her.” Never having kissed a girl, he was scared, but with Irenstein’s encouragement, he went for it.

Girls would say, ‘You look so handsome.’” After a couple of hours of talking in circles with Sam, about whether or not he wants to be in a relationship (“some people do want a relationship, and some people don’t want a relationship”), about his dating experience (“I don’t know how you define that”), and about whether or not he’d like to just have some sex—OK, that one was my question (“That’s hard to answer because the answer has a lot of implied meanings”), Irenstein leads him out into Union Square to talk to some real live women.

He remembers his 6-year-old coming home from school and telling him that non-Jews existed solely to witness the good deeds of the Jews.

“I met girls,” he says, “but I was constantly in the ‘friend zone.’ I had no clue how to take things to the next level.” When he met Irenstein at Footsteps, Irenstein invited him to a pool party.

I started wearing blazers with jeans and the response I got was incredible.

“Say you can babysit each other for 5 minutes.” With his relaxed posture and easy smile, Irenstein could pull off a line like that no problem.

With his hands shoved deep into his pockets, his refusal to hold eye contact, and his man purse, he’s likely to bomb.

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