If you add a .settings file elsewhere in your project, the Project Designer will not be able to locate it. If you don’t already have a custom class for managing application values or if you just need something fast and easy for a simple utility app, then give the built-in options a try.

If you can take the time to read and understand the basics, you will be glad you did. NET ASUS Blackberry chattooga river Christmas Coding Components Corsair CPU Gaming Garmin Google Maps GPS Grid View High Performance Computing hiking holiday Inheritance Marco Island Mobile mp3 Navigation NRA Nuve Office 2010 Oliver North perimeter church Phone podcast proclamation rafting rapids RIM sermon Sync thanksgiving Tour trails Troops Twitter Veterans Day water falls Web.

Connecting and communication applications with a database is a necessary part of any type of application. NET framework that allows us to retrieve, insert, update or delete data from a database. NET contains the following important parts: It is used to retrieve data from database and update Data Set. Create an object of Ole DBData Adapter class in case ofa database like Oracle or MS-Access and create an object of Sql Data Adapter class in case of an MS-SQL database.

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Well the reason is because they do get out of sync.

And to remedy that problem, Microsoft provided a scoped values.

Once common example is saving database connection string information in a configuration file so that it may be changed without need to recompile the application. The following examples are using Visual Studio 2008 and VB. The Basics Each value you want to use in your application is defined as simple name=value pairs and saved in special XML files.

You also define a data type such as string, integer, date, even special types such as connection string. Only two possible scopes are available: tab on the left.

This is actually clever and ensures that each version of your application does not clash or overwrite values from a previous version.

So what happens to the values in the previous app.config and .config files in the output folders?

I am trying to source for tutorials on this with little luck.

We used to save our application or user settings in an INI file (dark ages) or more recently in XML files using our own code or classes borrowed from other developers. NET framework using Visual Studio can take advantage of built-in tools to simplify or speed up access and saving of runtime values. C# code uses a slightly different syntax the concepts are similar.

The Project Designer then searches for other settings files in the project’s root folder.

Therefore, you should put your custom settings file there.

I am trying to update a node of in my XML which is stored in a SQL Server XML column, the line below works if my XML is in a XML element but now I somehow need to change it to XML attributes, apparently the line becomes invalid after the change.