And the crowd went crazy Another crazy story from a guy who lived in Las Vegas strip for a good long time.“I lived there for seven years, but I never worked on the Strip or anything.

I admit I was a bit late to take my seat for the wedding as I waited for the end of that impromptu show.” via 14.

A man dies in casino Katy says; “We saw a man actually die on the casino floor at Excalibur. Security came and called paramedics, who tried to revive him but could not.

Making out in pool Lango says; “I used to be a lifeguard on the strip and the craziest thing would probably be how many people think it’s cool to f*ck in the pool. You need a room key just to get to the pool area, walk back to your room to f*ck. Hooker type looking hot chick “A hooker-looking chick was wearing acrylic platform heels about 8″ high and she was walking through the front doors into the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas strip.

As soon as she crossed from doormat to marble floor, she turned her ankle and it broke right in front of me as I continued to walk out.” via 12.

Let’s find out the craziest things people have witnessed. Used thongs seller User David wrote: ‘I had a guy come up to me and tried to sell me used lingerie/thongs that “strippers” wore. I just made an 180 and walked the f*** away.’ via 2.

The “Kick my balls” Police One user wrote: ‘I don’t work in Vegas but I saw a man once on the strip with a sign that said: “kick me in the balls for ”. Hey you, come and insult me for “One guy was offering to whoever insults him and say bad things about him.” via 4.

It must have been a good four or five inches of swinging turkey gobbler. Most artery streets in Vegas are 45, and I was probably going 50.

I see something down the road so I start to slow down as it’s dark. Black dude, maybe 40-50, with no shirt on and he’s facing my vehicle as I approach. He is urinating in the center lane of a 45 mph road.

The casino craziness Another user said; ” I don’t work in Las Vegas strip, but I go to a convention there every year.