I bought a flask of Habit Rouge EDT about 5 months agom and only now I feel at ease to try a review. Again we may conclude that this is a high quality fragrance.

- It opens with a strong lemon note that I specificaly identify as persian lime (citrus limettioides), Probably due to other minor notes like tangerine, green lime, orange and basil, it smells like strong plesant lemon tea. - With the hearth notes, the scent became powdery with rose-carnation-cinnamon-sandal flavours but without loosing the heavy lemon tea note.

It projects heavily for a couple of hours and you get a sillage of 4~5 feet.

.ça c'était avant l'IFRA .n'est plus l'Habit rouge d'Avant faut pas croire ! ...l'ancien 10 /10 (même si sont odeur me fait pas grand chose)..l'Actuelle 5/10. Il peut sentir différentes choses suivant les circonstances... Punchy style, epitome of unisex, beautifully crafted! Blatant and not conforming to stereotypes, also veeery sensual and organically sculpted behind the crisp facade. Someone mentioned it previously below; they were right. Not a red leather but a cream colored leather man gloves. Now 80 bottle collection, and 300 reviews later, I continue to grow in my appreciation of this timeless, classic masterpiece.

One note turns to ammonium on me unfortunately..rest is perfection, really. Like..I'll smack you with these $150 gloves you keep getting on my nerves LMBO. For me, along with Hermes Equipage (vintage), they are the greatest classics.

I would like to try something more masculine from Guerlain, as this house does seem quite unique to me, so I may try Vetiver at some point. ) It SHOULD be a damned mess, but it's genius instead.

Someone's already said it, but every time I wear this I get something different: a tangy uplifting bergamot, spine-aligning green vetiver, a cool earthy patch that settles in lightly with the dusty spices and powder, or sticky, phlegmatic labdanum; even a touch of civet in the slick-but-lived-in leather accord. My tastes vary as to genre, but it's a contender for GOAT for me.

To scent this fragrance is a unique and happy experience. He introduced me to some of the taboo's that made life sweet for a teenager just awakening to life's pleasures.

Due to its well tamed sweetness, I imagine that this fragrance may as well be considered as unisex, I can picture this magificent powdry sweet Vanilla-Leather dry down on a woman's skin, My rates for Habit Rouge EDT: Scent: 10.0 (my judgement) Longevity: 8.5 (above average for the existing notesm but not beasty) Sillage: 8.0 (same as longevity) Uniqueness: 10.0 (unique, considering the existing fragrances that I am aware of) Wearability: 10.0 (4 seasons, day or night) Versatility: 9.5 (yes to clubbing, socializing, events, restaurants... My friend, Jeff, always had incense burning in his place, a must back then, and one day he handed me the incense tray that he burned those little cone-shaped incense nuggets on and told me to smell it.I smell all kinds of imaginary accords (fruit loops! The technical construction (projection-longevity-sillage-drydown) is also flawless. You sense the distinct 'snick' of beautifully hand-crafted clasps and buckles when you wear Habit Rouge. The glorious cut of your tailored jacket establishes a line of crisp elegance that radiates its own aura of casual authority.French seams trace your musculature like external ley lines on your body. Congratulations to Jean Paul Guerlain for this work of art.The sandalwood and rosewood, making an accord with the florals, mostly jasmine and carnation for me, not so much rose. With some of my other great classics you need to get the vintage because the current formulations are not close to the vintage, such as Azzaro Pour Homme or Paco Rabanna Pour Homme. Maybe it`s because I am getting older ( almost 50:-) that my taste has changed and I feel out of place smelling like a candy hihi:-) Habit rouge is too much for words, but I try. Whereas some of my reviews are of reasonable length, the ones for this are short and to the point.Then the cinnamon, oakmoss, and patch add their nuances, but they just add a roundness to the basic theme of a threesome, smooth woods, citrus, and florals. The present HR is a bit more modern in a good way compared to the vintage, which is richer, but does smell very dated. There are so many good reviews on this one, so I just give my two sents on it. To me, there is nothing like this, it captivated me the first time that I tried it, without knowledge of all of the controversy, hype and love/hate on here.While Habit Rouge may or may not ultimately be your style, approaching it—or any fragrance—with these precepts will always enhance your experience and enjoyment. So in rebuilding my collection, (did I say I love cologne?