[click to continue…] Last month, I dropped my i Phone & LCD screen cracked.After staying with me for more than three years without a scratch, it slipped from my hand & face planted on the concrete floor.The company updated its software upgrade page today, which now states that the entire existing Phab product lineup (as well as two tablets) will not receive further software updates.

updating vlc-73

The exclusion of the Phab2 Pro from further updates is especially ridiculous, considering it was released less than a year ago and was the first widely-available phone with Project Tango AR.

If you read our review, you'll know it wasn't a very good phone, but there's no excuse to drop support for a $500 device this soon.

This update pack is suppossed to be installed on top of the latest version of the codec pack.

The minimum required version of your currently installed codec pack is mentioned below.

The minimum required version of your current codec pack installation is mentioned above.

If your current installation is a version older than required by this update pack, then you need to download the latest version of the regular installer HERE.

Are you curious what exactly has changed in for example MPC-HC and LAV Filters?

When i OS 11.0.1 was released, I was getting constant reminders from i Phone to update to latest version.

First it started off with a small crack in the glass and touch was fully functional.

Slowly the crack started getting bigger and top part of the glass came off.

Update for: K-Lite Codec Pack 13.6.5 and newer (Basic/Standard/Full/Mega)Changelog: Filename: klcp_update_1375_20171220Size: 20207 KB MD5: 21c4aca5748b041b50c1d323137c5fb7 SHA256: 8012ccd50f1cd74b66cea2c2846f4da96ad135662ba336aa1e1792d80cbec9dc The update pack does NOT support XP anymore. You can download that here: stable or beta (includes latest updates).