"Windows could not search for new updates" "Error" "Code 800B1000" Another note; we have Forfront Client Security running on all infrastructure clients and all of the servers are receiving the 'Definition Updates' everyday on a regular basis.

An upgrade adds new features and replaces existing system files with new ones.

It usually makes significant changes to your replaces your Windows 10 installation with a newer version, specifically Version 1511, or Build 10586.

We hereby declare that installing Windows 8.1 Software on the Product may cause instability of the Product system, partial or total loss of data, drivers and/ or applications.

The test result is not intended for you to determine whether to purchase our Product and/or Windows 8.1 Software.

"Windows could not search for new updates" "Error" "Code 800B1000" It seems that the updates on WSUS are older than the files on the destination client. They will have the same SUS ID and will show up in the same in WSUS.

First take care of your clients not populating into WSUS ensure that Both your WSUS server and clients are both on the same Windows Update Agent.

You must update the wsus server You are also confusing a machine SID with a WSUS SID, they are completely different.

There are 2 problems, we have around 600 servers in the evironment, mixed VM and Physical and the WSUS server has only picked up 227 servers over the last 4 weeks of being up and running. Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

As already mentioned KB2720211 could be the root of all your problems(Besides cloned clients) More on confirmation that you need to install KB2720211 WU client failed Searching for update with error 0x800b0001” In the Windowsupdate.log, you notice your client is at version 7.6.7600.256 Cause: This can be due to a version mismatch between the Windows update agent and the WSUS server.