In the case of a new application generated from an application template hosted on Git Hub, the Ruby language interpreter uses Open SSL to connect to Git Hub.Git Hub requires all connections to be made using .Update September 2014: This guide has been updated to be compatible with Rails 4 and now comes with a demo Github repo How to add drag-and-drop reordering on a twitter-bootstrap table in Rails. LIVE DEMO Github repo If you need to make a Rails resource type re-orderable, you have a couple of options in gem-land.

So, ranked-model only performs an update operation on the item in question.

It achieves this by creating a rank number that is midway between the two neighbors, these numbers are spread out across a very wide range; -8388607 to 8388607 (the extents of a signed MEDIUMINT in My SQL.

1139 symlinks created $ brew install curl-ca-bundle == file and set an environment variable to install the certificate authorities needed by the Open SSL library.

You can also try hacking the open-uri source: How to Use an Application Template from Github when You’re Developing in Rails on Windows server configuration used for the Cloudfront service (Amazon Web Services) used for Ruby Gems file hosting. For the example apps and tutorials, it's best to open an issue on Git Hub so we can help you.

Once you have more than a few items in your database, changing their order ends up being very expensive and slow. ranked-model to the rescue - originally put together by Harvest.

And here’s ranked-model’s solution to the problem..

Users of older versions of Mac OS X and Ubuntu operating systems are likely to see these errors.

Check Ruby Gems issues on Git Hub and look for recent updates to the issue SSL_connect failure when running ‘rails new’.

For Ubuntu 12.04, the openssl 1.0.1-4ubuntu5 package fixes the problem.