The 28 cog gear still works will with my short derailleur. Read more Yesterday 5 meters away from my destination my rear derailleur suddenly "snapped". I flipped the bike around and started shifting and it looks like it kinda "works" but it suddenly doesn't want to shift into the lowest gear (the biggest gearsprocket).

I heard that you need a longer arm if you have a bigger gear but I am not sure if that is true or not. I rode back home just fine, but I am a little bit worried and I am not sure what happened.

I use this bike to get around my college campus, so I use this bike every day, so I need this bike to work.

updating shifters on mountain bike-65

I don't know if the problem is with the shifter or the derailleur, and I would really appreciate any help.

derailleur: shimano (that's all I know about it) shifter: a cheapy gradient thumb-knob shifter.

BUt it's my first time, and I've run into some trouble. Read more I have a problem on my Front bicycle derailleur.

I can't seem to get the correct tension in the cable, or there's something wrong with the thing thats supposed to shift gears. The same tension works for two different positions in the gear shifter thing. I'm new to bike repair so I'm not sure of using the right terms.

Never use the full range of rear gears when you're in either the small or large front sprockets (number 1 or 3 on the front shifter).

This causes too great an angle in your chain line, which can cause noise and shifting problems.

However, this doesn't mean you have 21 useable gears. A lot of people get confused by all of the gear combinations available.

I myself didn't understand it when I first started using a multi-speed bike, so today we'll learn how to use your gears most effectively.

Most systems have three gears on the front, which are controlled by your left shifter.