With a subtle, barely-there serenity 0852 TOUCH OF SUN has the ability to create a delicate hue of color within your home.

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TRENDS: 5 Key Colors for Fall/Winter 2017/18 This article aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire personal projects.

Fall/Winter 2017/18 sees a refocus on inspirational sources; we are rethinking and reassessing the world around us.

This gray is the seamless option for creating a contemporary mood within your home.

Apply to bedrooms and living rooms for subtle and elegant style, pair with 0852 TOUCH OF SUN as a highlight or with the blues of the palette to balance and reflect a graceful mood.

Express a sense of serenity by utilizing the light and dark contrasts within the palette.

This color range may be used successfully as an all over application or in considered combinations for a measured and modern aesthetic.0708 CATARINA GREEN works well with the other tones of the palette or create an intriguing contrast by pairing it with 0852 TOUCH OF SUN and 0643 ABSTRACT IDEA for a light and dark comparison.Look to the clarity of 0589 CELESTIAL HORIZON to create perfect fluidity within your home, this blue has a classic message of serenity that will work successfully in just about any location.Shades appear soft and delicate with references to air and water with a unique and calming effect that is faultless for interior applications.Acting to add definition to the palette, 0708 CATARINA GREEN is the bright shade within the grouping that offers essential balance.Discover an effortless transience with 0540 PRAISE GIVING, a refined gray that has a slight tint of red and purple, acting to bring out the qualities of the other colors in the collection.