(E.4) Go to Recovery mode (Power off your PSP by holding the power button for 10 seconds. O.4) Official firmware update 5.00 Files to be downloaded and extracted: (a) Custom firmware 3.52 M33 (DL. Revert your kernel to 3.52 (or any kernel above 3.52 like 3.90). (C.5) In your PSP, browse to your Memory Stick and run the program ).

updating psp to 5 00 m33-84updating psp to 5 00 m33-6

Some are harder to break than other, but it’s always possible.

We will be posting a simple step-by-step guide, so that nearly everyone will be able to find his or her way through the bulk of information available on the web.

Due to this (and probably some other reasons as well), Sony has been trying to repress homebrew as much as possible.

Where these applications could initially be run on the 1.50 firmware PSPs, users who updated wouldn’t be so fortunate.

But the community (read: hackers) did not accept defeat.

Leaks were exploited and one after the other, the firmwares fell.

Further details can be found over in the release thread.

Download Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6 Dark-Ale X – PSP Developer [Dark_Ale X] Follow this author on Twitter.

Their firmwares are nearly identical to the official ones, only better.

They have all the same functions, but have added functionality and the ability to run homebrew.

Homebrew developer Dark_Ale X today released the 5.00 M33-6 firmware update.