You can learn more about Art Rage as bundled software here.

Art Rage paintings all use a unique, proprietary, file type, the . The file type can only be opened by Art Rage and can be used across all the different editions (including the free demos and i OS versions).

It was much more basic than the later editions, with no layers or editing tools. Released in 2009, this edition was split into two separate products: Studio and Studio Pro.

You can see a full overview here: Art Rage Supported Platforms & Devices Unfortunately we can’t give you a guaranteed answer to every possible device, as we may never have had a chance to use it, or the software may have changed at some point.

If you’re looking at a very specific device, your best bet is probably just asking the forums and see if anyone else has used it successfully.

Some of the older editions are still available as bundled software with graphics tablets and other devices from third party companies.

While we do not make Our desktop editions are all available for both Mac OSX and Windows.

See the full update history of Art Rage for i Pad here Released in 2012, the i Phone edition is a very basic version that concentrates on the fundamental painting tools.

It is compatible with i OS 4 and up, and will work on the i Pad and i Pod Touch as well as i Phones.

It is currently up to version 1.0 and can be bought through the i Tunes App Store) The Art Rage for Android app was launched October 2014 in the Samsung GALAXY Gifts store.

It is available for free for Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and Note Edge owners, as well as selected GALAXY Tab devices, through GALAXY Gifts, but is also available for purchase in the Samsung GALAXY App store and the Google Play store.

The reason we use a special file type is because Art Rage needs a way to preserve all the unique traditional painting aspects of the program, such as paint thickness, canvas texture, realistic colour mixing, lighting and how the different media should interact. There are a number of different Art Rage editions, some of which are no longer available for purchase through our website.