Love the soft color pallet, the stylish flooring, the pendant very much.Especially love the the floral bird wallpaper which cheer the whole space up.

updating oak cabinets before and after-68

When you are going to redecorate your outdated kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is to change all the furniture, tiles, the counter, appliances or everything.

And of course that costs a lot of money and if you can afford it, then go ahead.

The inexpensive kitchen make over ideas include changing a different color palette scheme, replacing cabinet facing, changing cabinet look by painting new colors, adding kitchen table, brightening walls and ceilings, lightening up, updating flooring, renewing appliances, changing countertops, and using new hardware.

So let’s head over to see these more than 25 Before and After Kitchen makeover ideas I rounded up in this post.

Swapping out a basic grade white door to a painted black French style makes the pantry feel more inviting. In this kitchen remodeling you’ll see how an 100-year-old farmhouse kitchen turned to a modern stylish space. Great kitchen redo on a budget- before’s and after’s !

With hand made cabinets and custom ordered white facing, a repainted black French style door, wood countertops and new sink and everything , the updated kitchen really looks so, so comfortable and amazing! The householder painted the oak cabinets “white”, painted the wall green to give the space a fresh and modern look. This is a perfect example where a place is transformed by relatively minor changes.

I love that they replaced the corner cabinet with the open shelving and the beautiful white subway tiles. Instead of replacing the ugly outdated but in good condition cabinets, the householder painted them white and replaced the hardware.

The backsplash was replaced with a classic white subway tile and the countertops were changed to a white silestone that is durable and sturdy.

Love the two tone cabinets in blue and cream, the black hardware so much. I love the embellished gilded corner brackets on all drawers and cupboards, the blackboard painted wall, and that they replaced the corner cabinet with the open glass shelving. The remodeled kitchen has a trendy and attractive outlook looks much brighter now .

Especially love the nice granite countertops which gives a lift to the whole space. The beautiful chandelier in copper color adds to glamour. The family completed it with changing the wall color and repainting the cabinet, replacing the hardware, renewing the countertops and sink.

It’s great to layer a few colorful pieces to freshen up the outdated kitchen.